How To Play ?

1. Directly here on this website

2. Or from your mobile, by texting your game

In this case, you must send a SMS with the name of the game - for the sake of this demo it should be « House » - and five numbers between 1 and 99.
Ex: House 7 42 97 65 3
ATTENTION: the numbers must be separated by a blank as shown above !

You will receive a SMS «You have played » as a confirmation.

After the draw you can receive those following SMS:

  • «You have 5 correct numbers. You win the Car. »
  • «You have 4 correct numbers. You win a TV. »
  • «You have 3 correct numbers. You win a camera. »
  • «You have 2 correct numbers. You win a movie place. »
  • Or nothing.

26/04/2013 Draw Winner

Congratulations to Samuel Clegane! The luck was in his side when he played the Globavox Lottery . He won a stunning brand new car !!!

Lottery Win